Eliminate stress and wasted energy
in the planning of your projects

Take back control of your time

Simple & autonomous project planner

Add your tasks, prioritize them and let our AI plan your work sessions according to your availability.
An urgent task is coming? Need a break?
Indicate it in 2 clicks and your schedule is recalculated.
Stay on top of the organization, 
without mental burden and without wasting time!

Dynamic & agile time management

Throw expensive, heavy and complex software away!


Todo list, planning management and time tracker in one place.


Visualize at a glance your whole week in the form of a schedule or list.

Intuitive & Fast

2 clicks to add your tasks, your downtime and change priorities.


Your schedule is updated in real time, automatically.


Each task is divided into time-consuming sessions, radically efficient!

Export & Print

Export your schedules to CSV or PDF to make your invoices or print.

You can try right away :)

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Our users talk about it best

We were using Excel to manage the team's schedules, it was taking a long time. Now a few clicks and BOOM we have the updated schedules to print.


E-commerce supply chain manager

I telecommute for several clients and my organization was chaotic.
It changed my life,
thank you and bravo!


Freelance Developer

I was looking for a tool to plan my pomodoros so as not to have to do it by my self anymore, it corresponds 100% to my expectations.


Freelance graphic designer